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The Tarantulas Music is an organic home grown hardcore punk style approach Rhyme Bomb Genre (The Genre for the Lyricist) album.  “Rhyme Bomb is an Instant Classic” – Jonah H. Krosse.  The Tarantulas Music’s Rhyme Bomb album introduces the new  Rhyme Bomb genre with the first album by the duo of The Radical Guessworks and Dr. Max Stone (of Mental Wakeup Crew, San Diego, CA). The Tarantulas project was a vision of The Radical Guessworks that materialized soon after he guest appeared on the Dr Max Stone second solo album release The Compound LP.  A popular protest – style track called “No Mask, No Vaccine” was first track that The Radical Guessworks and Dr Max Stone recorded as a duo on the Compound LP released Nov 11, 2020. This lead to both artists putting a green light on The Radical Guessworks “The Tarantulas Music” project. This album was all made in-house and recorded between November 2020 and February 2021. These emcees are OG Vets who are experts of freestyle , hardcore hip hop beats and off the head rhyme bombs.

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